Jeff Beitz - Past Commodore

Past Commodore

Personal Background

Owner operator of Georgian Bay Marina, dealer for Laser performance and importer of Ovington Albacore hulls and fitting them out and marketing under the brand GBR Ovington Albacores.
I started sailing Albacores in Junior sailing out of Bronte Harbour yacht Club in Oakville. From the first day of juniors, racing Albacores was all we did and after a few years I teamed up with Ian Brayshaw at the age of 15 to start sailing in junior events and the Adult events in the Albacore. I have also sailed/raced lasers, Lightning’s, J-24 and various other keel boats. As well as racing I have Charter Captained keel boats down in the Caribbean.

I have always enjoyed the Albacore class and what it offers sailors across Canada, the US and the UK. Competitive racing, one design boat, affordable and a great selection of event venues all add to the class and the enjoyment of it.

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