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(from Mary Neumann, for our 2014 season)
I am delighted to be the Commodore of the Canadian Albacore Association. In this position I hope to see the CAA continued to strengthen the Albacore fleet as the best training, recreational and racing dinghy.

With over 8,200 boats worldwide the Albacore is clearly one of the most popular dinghies sailed today. It remains popular among recreational sailors as well as racers active in hotly competitive fleets. Loaded with features, the new and improved Albacore continues to embody quality workmanship and boasts a loyal and active fleet with strong class association support. Changes made to the design over the past 50 years have broadened its accessibility, making it more affordable and easier to manoeuvre, while keeping it a thrill to sail.

Though the Albacore has grown from "cottage boat" to competitive class, the planing Albacore still has the same effect on sailors. The 2012 Albacore is a popular racing and recreational boat across Canada. The class is especially strong in Ontario in Toronto, Hamilton, the Ottawa area, and Muskoka; as well as in other provinces such as Nova Scotia and British Columbia. The Toronto fleet boasts over 100 active boats and sails mainly in the city's Harbours and on Lake Ontario.. The Albacore has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a high-performance one-design boat raced across Canada.

The Albacore class is very welcoming to new people and has gone out of its way to help them enjoy the boat. People new to the fleet receive support from the CAA and individual members when buying, setting up the boat, getting racing and improving their skills. The last two years have seen Canada host the Albacore Internationals and the North Americans, as well as provide plentiful racing, wonderful race training and major improvements in services to members. The volunteer effort to make this happen, fleet camaraderie, and a great boat make the Albacore class a lot of fun.

The season begins with the Mid-Winters Regatta in Sarasota and ends in October. Every weekend from May to October you can find a regatta to travel to, competitively race and have some serious social fun. Last year there were over 20 regattas in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia with starts for Albacores and most of these events had 30 to 50 Albacores involved. The Toronto Friday night series starts with 40 boats on the line every week in races held from early May through September. In addition there is regular club racing in Albacores in much of the country.

I would like to thank all the members of the Albacore class who have taken a wonderful boat to own and sail, and have made a very special inclusive and enjoyable community of sailors. In particular, I would like to thank the past Executive for their dedication to all things big and small that make the Albacore class so successful.

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Commodore Ian Brayshaw
Past Commodore Mary Neumann
First Vice Commodore and Race Chair Marek Balinski
Second Vice Commodore and Promotions Graham Pearson
Third Vice Commodore and Education Frank Loritz
Rear Commodore - Canadians Regatta Chair Darren Monster
Secretary George Carter
Membership Secretary Michelle Adolph
Treasurer John Cawthorne
Specifications Committee Chairman David Weaver
Chief Measurer Ken Yamazaki
Editor, "Shackles & Cringles" Tannis Baker

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