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We have an old Albacore sailboat at our cottage near Orillia. It was a wonderful boat and won us some fun races in the regattas on Bass Lake. It has some damage to the gunwale on one side. more
For Sale Ovington 8150 - The Arrogant Worm by thearrogantworm
Ovington 8150 'The Arrogant Worm' For Sale - Launched 2010 - Not sailed past 2 years - Rare red bottom paint - Weighs exactly at class minimum - Control panels, mast thruster, Milanes foils more
The Gatineau River Yacht Club in Chelsea, QC (Just 15 minutes from Ottawa) is looking for a Skene Albacore Rudder for one of our club boats. Please email Paul at youthcommodore [at] gryc [dot] ca more
For Sale Albacore Jibs For Sale by Ian Brayshaw
Evolution Jibs For Sale: Low Aspect; there are 2 - radial cut 2012. Good condition $200.00 ea High Aspect - one radial cut 2014. Very good condition $300 For more detail contact Ian Brayshaw more