CAA Membership

Apply for membership online.
Alternatively, you can download the printed membership application form and mail it in.

The CAA has goals and objectives focused on:

  • Encouragement and promotion of Albacore sailing
  • Maintenance of the Albacore Class in Canada
  • Enforcement and administration of the Albacore Class Rules & Constitution along with the other National Associations as members of the International Albacore Association
  • Allocation, results collection and posting and management of various championships and regattas including: Harbour Master Race Series, the Fall Series and the Gooderham Series
  • Organization and delivery and coordination of the Ontario Albacore Championship, the Canadian Albacore Championship, the North American Albacore Championship and the International Albacore Championship
  • Communication with boat owners, other sailors, regatta organizers and other official sailing associations
  • The provision of on-going consultation with class boat builders and sail makers to ensure compliance, consistency and best practice developments
  • Management of the activities and finances of the Association on behalf of members across the country
  • Maintenance of a contingency fund to ensure that boat builders will continue to build new Albacores
  • The development and delivery of training, resources, the promotion and development of the Albacore class in sailing communities throughout Canada

The CAA offers two types of memberships: Full and Associate.

Join by May 31 and enjoy the Early-Bird discount.

Full Membership – for a boat owner, part-owner. A Full member may:

  • Participate and / or helm in any CAA sanctioned event
  • Obtain hull and sail measurement certification as requested
  • Vote at all general meetings of the Association on any class-related topics
  • Receive a subscription to the CAA newsletter “Shackles and Cringles”

Associate Membership – for non-boat owners, or a lessee. An Associate member may:

  • Participate in CAA sanctioned events
  • Helm in a CAA sanctioned event provided they are sailing a boat owned and registered by a full CAA member
  • Receive a subscription to the CAA newsletter “Shackles and Cringles”

CAA Sanctioned Events:

  • Albacore International Championships
  • North American Albacore Championship
  • Canadian Albacore Championship
  • Ontario Championship
  • Junior Canadians
  • Gooderham Series
  • Toronto Harbour Master Series
  • Training Events

For 2015 the CAA is hosting:

  • Canadian Albacore Championship
  • Ontario Albacore Championship
  • Junior Canadians
  • Gooderham Series
  • Toronto Harbour Master Series
  • Race Training Sessions/Seminars

The Albacore International Championships is held in odd-numbered years. In 2015, it will be in the US. Membership in the Canadian Albacore Association meets the membership requirements for this regatta.

There is no North American Championship in 2015 (because the Albacore International Championships takes precedence).

Thank you in advance for supporting the Canadian Albacore Association.

The editors of "Shackles and Cringles" newsletter and our website are always eager to have new reports from all fleets across the country. So send us a message through our contact page. We value your contributions and questions.

Canadian Albacore Association
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PO Box 98093
Toronto, ON M4M 1J8