2017 Pre-Season Update!

Hello Albacore Sailors!

March is upon us and naturally sailors begin to dream anxiously of docks in the water, squeezing into wetsuits, and maybe perfectly timing¬†the start line for that first race of the season ūüôā

The CAA is busily¬†getting ready for 2017 and we can’t wait…


First off, membership launches this Friday, March 10! Don’t wait. Renew your membership at early bird rates ($60 through May).

Renew by logging in at albacore.ca and visit your account page. New members, visit albacore.ca/membership and join the ranks!

And don’t forget! Once you’ve got your membership settled, also be sure to register for any race series you intend to sail (FNRs – $15, Harbour Master Summer – $15, Fall Series – $5). Find ’em all here.

Weather for Sailors Course!

Next up, Frank Loritz (education@albacore.ca) has lined up an early season weather course, April 6th and 7th at National Yacht Club, Toronto! Meteorologist Ron Bianchi will help us tune our forecasting skills and pick up tricks of the trade bound to give¬†an edge on the race course. You won’t want to miss it! All the¬†details here.¬†(Sign-up form coming soon.)

CAA Albacore Day!

Mark your calendar for CAA day, May 13th, at the Outer Harbour, Toronto.

We’re organizing a great day with racing clinics, fibre glassing, boat weighing and sail measurement, and much more. Stay tuned for details to come!


Racing is so key to the Albacore community! If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet, make this the year! It’s an amazingly welcoming sport, and there’s no better way to up your sailing game. After racing, nothing beats a beverage with new and old friends at “results” as we celebrate personal bests and congratulate our champs!

For those planning their racing season, the schedule should be up in the coming days, but a few key event dates for your awareness:

  • Ontario Championships – June 10-11, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto
  • International Championships – August 5-11, Weymouth and Portland, United Kingdom
  • Canadian Championships – September 22-24, Kingston Yacht Club, Kingston

Club Life!

Our community clubs are also ramping up for their own membership drives. Know someone keen to learn sailing this year? Encourage them to join up early and make the most of the whole season!

Shackles & Cringles

Shackles & Cringles Magazine is coming at you!

In 2017 we’re mixing up the format a little to release the great Shackles content you love more often! Every few weeks you can find amazing new articles written by our very own sailors online at at albacore.ca/shackles.

And you can help us promote Albacore sailing by sharing Shackles & Cringles stories and issues in your club newsletters and Facebook groups. There are a lot of new sailors joining our ranks each year, and Shackles is one of the best ways to show the community spirit!

When did you realize you’re an Albacore-Lifer?

Last year we spread the Albacore-love with our Raw Fish video series. This year let’s get even more people involved sharing our community stories! We want it all: the events, the characters, the laughs, and as much sailing as you can fit on the Youtube!

A special idea for 2017…. We want to hear how came to realize you’re an “Albacore-Lifer!” What was that moment when you knew the Albacore community was in your blood? If someone put the question to you, how would you answer?

Put it on film, shoot an email to rawfish@albacore.ca (aka Graham P), and we’ll get it on the Youtube channel ASAP!

Spread the love sailors. We’re about to make 2017 the best Albacore year yet! The community is you!

Graham P
2nd Vice Commodore – Promotions