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sc2016-2-coverTannis Baker, editor of Shackles & Cringles, has just released the latest edition of the CAA’s own magazine!

In this issue:

  • The Quest for a New Builder, on the hunt for an Albacore manufacturer and potential design modifications, by George Carter.
  • Breaking Through to Success, by Robbin Coeddy.
  • Mast and Boom Manufacturing, by Barney Harris.
  • Joining the Albacore Family, by Jamie Stanley.
  • Race Management 101, by Steve Goode.
  • Ontario Championship recap from winning helm Darren Monster.
  • plus info on RAW FISH and RaceQS, and more!

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Sailing Albacores in Manitoba! Raw Fish Spirit!

Hey friends!

A couple weeks ago I got an email from Tom Saunders of Manitoba who’d caught wind of the Raw Fish project.

Tom sails an Albacore on West Hawk Lake, an impact crater lake, and as luck has it he has been filming the occasional video when the winds warrant. He was kind enough to point me to a few films from some awesome hairy rides he’s captured in the last few seasons.

He tells us of the West Hawk Lake sailing scene…

We sail on West Hawk Lake MB, a meteorite crater that is perfect for sailing (round, no islands, no rocks) and in August, the SW winds blow all the way from Montana.

West Hawk Lake has had Albacores on it since the early 60s when locals brought over Ferris Marine kits from England (my dad owned 1228).

During the 70s, a company that made septic tanks decided if you cut them in half they kinda looked like Albacores and so Western Sailcraft was born and made boats.  They were hugely popular and hugely horrid and mostly bought for cottage use.

There are about five of these still on the lake, most sit under people’s decks.  The Flying Pig is an OY boat that we bought as military surplus for $900.  Came with brand new sails.

He even has some archival footage from sailing Albacores on West Hawk Lake in the ’70s.

He’s filmed some really great stuff, and we’re looking forward to seeing more from Tom, Derek, and the Stealth Pig this season! Check more of his videos below…

Keep an eye on the Raw Fish channel for more 2016 Albacore community sailing to come!


Toronto FNR Results Posted!

Hey all!

Quite a Friday Night. A bit of a westerly drifter to kick off the season, with a challenging start. Twenty-six persevered to the bitter end, so well done. Thanks to OHCC for hosting!

Congrats to Sarah Bury and Michael Tersigni from St. James Town who claimed top spot!

Full results are posted here…

And a bit of video for those who couldn’t make it…

And don’t forget you can find almost 20 years of results archives from the Racing page.

Harbour Master results coming soon. Hope to see even more boats on the line this Friday!

Albacore Racers – Try the RaceQs App!

Hey Sailors!

So the race season is getting underway. In Toronto the Harbour Master series kicked off last Sunday, and the legendary Friday Night Race Series launches tonight, May 6th!

(How are things heating up in your part of the country? Get in on the Raw Fish action and post videos from your races, results ceremonies, and post-race “socials”!)

Want to get even more fun out of racing? Michael Williamson, CAA Race Chair, pointed me to a very interesting app called RaceQs.

RaceQs installs on your mobile phone, and it allows tracking and capturing all the action.

How does it work? Just start the app before your race, then drop your phone in a dry bag and tuck it somewhere safe. As you race the app tracks your GPS and sail data. It can upload in real time so friends back at the club can keep tabs on your progress. And if you prefer not to use mobile data, it just stores your GPS route and uploads later when you’re back on a wifi network.

Why’s this cool? For starters, you can review your whole race in 3D and see how you made out compared to the competition. Figure out which shifts you caught or missed. Relive the whole event and work out what tactics helped or hindered. And if you enable other app features you can even track crazy details like the heel and pitch of your boat.

And word on the street is, the more people who use RaceQs, the better the post race replays get. More phones = more data = more entertaining replays.

Think you might like to try it out? Download for iPhone or Android and let’s have some fun.

The New!

[Update: A few people have written in to mention various bugs, such as page loads being a bit slow, and the Contacts page misbehaving. Contacts has been fixed up, and work is underway to speed things up and smooth a few other details, so thanks very much for the feedback. We’ll be all tuned up as the season kicks off. -Graham, 28/03/16]

Hello Sailors,

Let me welcome you to the 2016 season and the new website!

If we’ve not met, I’m Graham and this year I’m the CAA’s Vice-Commodore  – Promotions.

We have a great season ahead, the events and regattas you know and love, education days, and even a few tweaks to the formats of some of our favourite race events!

There are two big projects we’ve been working on to kick off the season, and one of them you’re looking at now… has been given a refresh!

With the relaunch of our beloved site we’ve made it easier to find the events and results postings you need, we’ve streamlined and refreshed a great deal of our promotional content, we’re promoting learning-to-sail programs and directing visitors to our partner Albacore clubs, and much more.

Our hope is that the new site also opens up more opportunities to build our community and share our stories. As part of this effort, we’re launching a great campaign called RAW FISH 2016!

Raw Fish 2016 will be a video documentary of our summer of sailing, and an important opportunity for our members and clubs to better get to know each other. There’s amazing stuff going on in Albacore sailing and we want to see the places people sail, meet the characters in our communities, celebrate our victories, whether in races or just learning new skills! We want you, Albacore sailors, to film short videos of all the amazing stuff going on where you sail, whether that’s your local club, an international regatta, or just a great day out at the cottage!

The plan is to post all these films to our YouTube Channel so the whole community gets to know what goes on from Hamilton to Nepean to Shelburne and everywhere in between. Information on how to contribute your video stories will be posted soon! And for a bit more on our motivation for RAW FISH 2016, check out this post.

Now, this has been quite an involved update of our website. There is a lot of content and history tied up in, and it will take time to finish transitioning some of that material to our new site, but we’ll have things all tidied up nicely before you know it.

With a little luck, you’ll find renewing membership, locating event information, receiving mail communications, and many other services easier to access and use than ever before.

I will apologize in advance for any malfunctions or bugs that should appear in the coming weeks, and I’ll try to have them quickly resolved. We’ve tried our best to build a platform that will allow for convenient access to the information and services you need as a Canadian Albacore sailor and CAA member, and that will carry us forward for years to come. We are of course a volunteer organization working as hard as we can to support and promote sailing a boat we all love, so your patience is appreciated as we work out any web difficulties that may arise 🙂

That said, there are great things ahead for the CAA and

Renew your memberships, and have a fantastic season. The Albacore community is the best thing going in Canadian sailing!

Graham P*
Vice Commodore – Promotions

*Contact me for anything website-related at Cheers.