Raw Fish 2016!

… sharing your Albacore stories with the world!

This is the year the Canadian Albacore community shows off!

In 2016 we want to hear your stories.

We’re a big, utterly awesome community. But we’re spread out across the country.

Let’s get to know the neighbours!

We’ve created a RAW FISH Youtube channel playlist to showcase Albacore sailing in Canada!

Shoot video. Post it on line. Share your Albacore experiences with the world! We’ll link it into the Raw Fish “feed” and blast it to the masses.

Show us around your clubhouse grounds, introduce the local characters, capture skipping across the pond at 15 knots, and generally make us all jealous that we’re not there 🙂

For all the videos as they’re posted, visit albacore.ca/rawfish!

How Can You Post to RAW FISH?

It’s easy. By joining the Raw Fish gang of contributors, you can post your video to our channel directly and promote your club/community and the Albacore class.*

Send an email to rawfish.albacore.ca@gmail.com and include your google account username.

We’ll add you as a channel contributor.

To post a video, just log in to your Google Youtube account and you’ll be able to link your uploads to the RAW FISH PLAYLIST!

Quick. Easy. Awesome!

RAW FISH 2016! Be a part of it.

*We want everyone from the CAA community to participate! Be creative, have fun, entertain. Please keep it respectful while you do.