2016 Canadian Albacore Championship Results

Held September 16-18 at Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club.

The CAA wishes to thank our hosts at ABYC, the Race Committee, and all the volunteers who helped make this such a successful event.

Racing on Day 1 was on the lake, with wind in the 10 knot range, temperatures from 20-25C, sunny, and strong current.
Racing on Day 2 was south of Toronto Island, with wind building from 10 to 20+ knots during races 5 and 6, decreasing to 5 knots by race 8. Sporadic rain through the day, 20C, and overcast.
Racing on Day 3 was on the lake, with shifting winds in the 10 knot range at the start of race 9, dropping 1 knot and forcing a shortened course. Remaining races cancelled due to light conditions. Sunny and 23C.