Raw Fish Videos!

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So, what is this RAW FISH?

Raw Fish is how celebrates and connects the Albacore community! And it's member-driven!

We're a big and amazing community with all sorts of stuff going on all over Canada.  But when you spend so much time on the water sometimes you lose track of what your friends are up to, whether that's the club next door or 4 provinces over :) Let's change that!

You can share your Albacore-love with the whole country (and the world) by shooting videos of where you live/play/sail. It's all about the Albacore community... the social stuff, the characters, the competition!

Is that a video cam in your pocket, Sailor? Chances are you've already got a cell phone, camera, or GoPro ready to rock! Use it!

Get creative. Short, long, polished, or RAW... whatever you want to share, however you want to share it!

Scroll on down to "How to Post Your Own Vids" for the simple deets on how to join the Raw Fish fun.

RAW FISH Commodore Challenge!

Hey Commodores! Welcome to Raw Fish.

We want to get to know you and your club!

Why not give us a tour and tell us what makes your club the best club in Canada? Put it all out there! Don't hold back!

How to Post Your Own Videos

As mentioned, Raw Fish is member-driven!

All you need to do to post your own videos is email and tell us your Google username (so we can add you to the Youtube channel contributors list!) and your club affiliation (if you've got one! No worries if not!).

Once you're on the list, you'll be able to simply link your vids to the Youtube Raw Fish Playlist and they'll go live as fast as you can post them!