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  1. Hello we just purchased a “Skene” Albacore and are wondering if someone could help us figure out the rigging. One of the main issues is the centreboard and how to line up the pin so that fits through the hole in the centreboard. Would one of your members have this kind of Albacore and could advise? Thanks very much. Lisa

  2. I have a Skene Albacore that needs the gasketing on the hull where the keel goes through replaced. Where can I get this gasketing?

  3. Good afternoon,

    We have the privilege of owning a 1991 Albacore sailboat however the mast had been damaged, beyond repair, along with some of the associated rigging.. We live in Saskatchewan and we were wondering if you could help us locate and connect with someone/business for which we could purchase these parts..

    Really appreciate any advice you could provide!

    Thanks ! Brian

  4. Im looking for archives of sailing in the Canadian juniors back in 1970 or 71 . I crewed for Margy Batson. Father Fred Batson would have been the contact person wanted to see if you have any records as to the finishers.

  5. Hi
    I’m in Toronto
    Looking to buy a used albacore
    Have a quick question before I settle on the Albacore

    Are oem parts still manufactured or non oem parts ? And readily available in Canada


  6. Hi, I just bought an Albacore. I’m having an issue rigging the boom. It’s kinda a wiered setup with a free floating pin that attaches to the mast, there is nothing to secure it to the mastt so I’m assuming the sail? Are there any manuals for the boat available? Pic would also help. Thanks

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