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  1. Hi Michael,

    I’m looking to purchase a mast for my Albacore but the classifieds section of the website doesn’t seem to work. Would you know if anyone is selling a mast?

    And how much approximately do you think one should reasonably expect to pay for a new mast if ordered from the UK?


  2. Hello Michael.

    I’ve got a very nice 1973 Skeene-build Albacore for sail. Comes with a Cradle Ride trailer. I’ve posted on Kijiji for 4 months, with little interest. I’ve got it priced right. I think, at $1950. The boat is in very good shape, with numerous rigging upgrades, etc. Located on Balsam Lake. Any suggestions you would have to help me find an appropriate new owner would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I am looking for an albacore and a trailer. I was just up at Shadow Lake last week.
      I would like some photo’s if possible sent to me. I cottaged at Balsam Lake as a kid. Haven’t been back there in the last 13 years. Where on the lake are you?

      Ken Clarke

      1. Ken

        I was just looking at Michael’s page on the CAA website hoping to find a place to place a for sale ad. I saw you looking for an AL.

        You may remember John Lawser, Monmouth Boat Club in Red Bank, New Jersey. He has decided to sell his Wolfe because his Parkinson’s Disease has reached the point where he can no longer consider ever being able to sail it. A few years ago, he had the entire hull refinished by a professional ship in Chestertown, Maryland. After that it has only been in the water two or three times. For the past several years it has 100% of its time in his garage on its trailer. If you are still interested, let me know and I’ll send his contact info.

        Otherwise, do you know of anyone else who might be interested?

        Does this means you are moving on from your wood one?

        Its been quite a while since we last met. Kay and I now own a HAPCO (8257) and try to sail the Nepean events in June and Sept, although anything more that two days is getting difficult. We also travel twice a year, now mostly to Europe. We did spend two weeks in New Zealand and managed a ride on the 1992 Janapese America’s Boat – including 10 minutes or so at the helm for each of us.

        Hope all is well with you!

        Doug Marsh

  3. Hi Michael
    I am a new assoc Member and would like to list for sale a classic Albacore, AKC 3733, built in UK by JW Davis in 1969. Complete w masts, 3 sets of sails, all rigging etc. How do I post my ad ?

  4. I have a jib sail for an Albacore (McNamara Sails No 11879) in good shape. I no longer own an Albacore. So I would rather give it to someone who would use it instead of throwing it away. I live in Surrey, B.C, (suburb of Vancouver).
    If anyone in Ontario is willing to pay the postage, I would be happy to send it to them.
    Dave Doman
    [email protected]
    Ph 604-575-2077

  5. Hey Michael!
    Just wondering if you could alter the Internationals Home Page that comes up with the single accommodation listing: it’s a bit misleading.

  6. Hi Michael,

    How do you place an ad in the classified; the “place ad” link doesn’t appear to be working?


  7. Hi i am trying to post a classified for sale ad for my boat but can’t figure out how to do it on this web site so thanks for giving me instructions.

    Regards, Sailorbill

    1. Hi David,

      I’m also looking for a replacement centreboard- did you have any luck finding one somewhere? Any help would be appreciated!


  8. Hello Michael
    I would like to post a classified to sell 8171 but I cant find any instructions on how to post the ad.
    Great if you could hep me out.

  9. I have an original 1972 English racing 15 ft mahogany Albacore. For sale. Located in Selkirk Ontario. For 25 years it was in the garage tarped wrapped up. Last 5 years it’s been outside tarped wrap up on a trailer with no plates. Have mainsail mast jib motor sales that were slightly repaired. Have pictures 416-576-8315

    I had started to sand it down and then stopped.

  10. I too am having difficulty posting a for sale add for my refurbished albacore 8009. Has the web site been abandoned?

    Please, instructions anyone?

  11. Hello,
    I’m looking for a replacement centreboard. If anyone has any leads please let me know!


  12. I have a Fairey Marine mahogany albacore (503) in sailing condition that I need to sell. It is located on Lake Rosseau, Ontario. Please contact me if interested. 705 765 3298.

  13. Hello!
    I purchased an Ontario Yachts 80-86 era Albie this year and have loved the set up (having learned on a Laser). I just discovered an issue with it. It was moored to my dock at the cottage and the cockpit was full of water. After extensive bailing I saw that it was taking on more water through the centre board slot. Would love to chat to someone who understands the construction of the hull and where typical leak points reside, and where I might best get the hull repaired in the Toronto/Kawarathas area. Thank you.

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