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2023 Membership Open for Renewal

The 2023 membership is now open with early bird pricing of $60 until March 31, 2023. Renew your membership Toronto…

2023 Albacore Midwinters in Sarasota

Sarasota Sailing Squadron will be hosting the Albacores for Midwinters again in 2023.  Start making your plans now. Sadly camping…

2022 US National Championship

The 2022 US National Championship will be held from Oct 8-10 at Rock Hall Yacht Club in Rock Hall, MD.
Community >

The Albacore is more than a boat. It's a community!

Whether you've just joined a community club to take your first sailing lessons, or you've been racing your own classic woody 'round the cans since before you could walk, we're all family. There's no sport like it. We sail hard and we socialize harder!

The Albacore fleet is going strong! Make new friends. Learn skills that can carry you around the world.

The Albacore is community! Live it and love it!

The Boat >

Designed in 1954 by Uffa Fox, the Albacore is a classic high performance sailing dinghy. Responsive and nimble in all conditions, the boat planes at wind speed over 10 knots, offering exhilarating rides.

Comfortable for two adult day-sailors, the boat is perfect for learning. The crew trims the jib sail, while the helm handles the main sail and tiller steering. 

For the veteran sailor, the Albacore challenges tactics and tuning for life. Modern rigging provides exceptional control. For the racers among us, fleets gather for competitive events and regattas running all season, regionally, nationally, and internationally!

Over 8200 Albacore's have been sold world wide. There are active fleets across Canada, the US, and the UK.  

Sailing Albacores offers something for everyone. Join a club in your region! 

For information on Albacore Specifications, CAA Measurement Certificates, and more, visit /the-boat.

Albacore Racing

Albacore Racing is some of the best dinghy racing going!

Regional series and events happen all season, with national and international regattas often drawing fleets of 50 or more boats!

For the latest on events and results, visit our Racing section.