Canadian Albacore Association

Modern sailboat. Classic heritage.

The Albacore is more than a boat.

It's a community!

Whether you've just joined a community club to take your first sailing lessons, or you've been racing your own classic woody 'round the cans since before you could walk, we're all family. There's no sport like it. We sail hard and we socialize harder!

The Albacore fleet is going strong! Make new friends. Learn skills that can carry you around the world.

The Boat

The boat Designed in 1954 by Uffa Fox, the Albacore is a classic sailing dinghy. Responsive and nimble in all conditions, the boat planes at wind speed over 10 knots, offering exhilarating rides. Comfortable for two adult day sailors, the boat is perfect for learning. The crew trims the jib sail, while the helm handles the main sail and tiller steering.

For the veteran sailor, the Albacore challenges tactics and tuning for life. Modern rigging provides exceptional control. For the racers among us, fleets gather for competitive events and regattas running all season, regionally, nationally, and internationally! Over 8200 Albacores have been sold worldwide. There are active fleets across Canada, the US, and the UK. Sailing Albacores offers something for everyone. Join a club in your region! 


CAA Newsletter

The CAA publishes Shackles & Cringles four times a year. Each issue includes information about the albacore class, including event info, racing results, and rigging and trimming tips.

January 12, 2024
2023-3 Winter
From the Commodore / Canadians Recap / Better Together / Reflections on the Internationals
January 12, 2024
2023-2 Summer
The Commodore / 2023 Race Schedule / The Ontario Championship Highlights / Westwood Regatta Highlights / Which way do we go? Day 1 of the Albacore Internationals / Got spare parts? Call Adam
January 12, 2024
2023-1 Spring
From the Commodore / 2023 Albacore Midwinters Summary / A Slice of Albacore History from Manitoba

Learn to sail!

Learning to sail can be life-changing. The Albacore is ideal boat to learn in! Whether you plan to sail at the cottage or sail around the globe, dinghy sailing in Albacores builds skill and confidence.