Overall Length 4.57 meters 15 feet 0 inches
Beam 1.55 meters 5 feet 1 inch
Minimum Hull Weight 109 kg 240 lbs
Full Rigged Weight (without people) 136 kg 299 lbs
Sail Area – Mainsail 8.4 m2 90 sq ft
Sail Area – Jib 3.3 m2 35 sq ft
Draft with Centerboard and Rudder Up 0.2 m 8 inches
Draft with Centerboard Down 1.3 m 4 feet 2 inches

Rigging and Tuning

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Control Systems


Hiking Straps

Tuning Guides and Techniques

  • Switching to High Aspect Albacore Sails
  • Albacore sailors use one of two distinct types of sails on their boats commonly called either “low aspect” or “high aspect” according to the cut of the jib. While very different in shape and how you set each of these types of sails, both have produced top results in the class for over 20 years.